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Simple and effective payment solutions for saving the revenue at the Point of Sale in times of Corona

Henning Brandt welcomes Computop payment experts Stephen Audritsh (Head of Merchant Services) and Thomas Strozyk (Head of Key Account Management). In this episode everything revolves around measures that merchants can take if they have difficulties in generating income at the Point of Sale in the current situation..

Android and apps for POS terminals

Devices based on Android allow more convenient payment processes and the merging of the pure payment process with other elements. In the future, merchants will be able to use the card payment terminal to access inventory management or seamlessly integrate loyalty programs into the payment process.

Higher revenue at the Point of Sale

Die Zahlungswelt befindet sich im Zuge der Digitalisierung in einer rasanten Evolution. Nicht nur im klassischen E-Commerce gilt es deshalb, zeitgemäße Konzepte zu etablieren, auch am Point of Sale profitieren Händler von modernen Lösungen.

Seven Tips for Successful E-Commerce in Latin America

The fact that the Latin American e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in the world is hardly news to anyone. Gross domestic product in the LatAm region will exceed $15 trillion in...

The event shopping mega trend

You know something big is going on when on just one day, on just one online marketplace, 30.8 billion US dollars are transferred across the digital counter. An impressive shopping holiday. With staggering sales. And increasingly often, even without exceptional deals.

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